There’s nothing complicated about a kettle

“My best friend and I came up with an amazing plan when we were seven; we thought that if we projected onto the moon the words ‘save the world’ that everyone would suddenly do better, start recycling etc. Unfortunately we only had my dad’s torch, which wasn’t quite strong enough.” – Tara Button, Buy Me Once


Shameful peace

I don’t believe in violence, or guns, or war, and although I feel like this is something to be proud of, I often feel ashamed to admit it.

A face of courage

Every form of society is obsessed with beauty in one form or another, through fashion, weight, and skin colour – so much so that we constantly forget what makes someone truly beautiful – their passion, their beliefs, their actions.

Walking worship

I became more perceptive of everything around me, of the people I passed, the wildlife, the weather, the noise. In worshipping God through music I was able to appreciate his wonder in so many other aspects

January blues got you down?

Blue Monday – the third Monday in January (18th), is known as the most depressing day of the year. Looking at the weather, post-Christmas bank balances, and failed diets, it’s not difficult to see why. But we want to change that, we want to bring a little bit of sunshine back into the mix. So…

Is Star Wars in the Bible?

Let’s face it, Star Wars is pretty awesome isn’t it? I’ve already seen The Force Awakens twice – because once is clearly not enough – and I love it; the action, the friendship, the heartbreak – what’s not to like? The Force? Over the last few weeks I’ve had numerous people exclaim their surprise that…

Resolving Resolutions

My best memories this past year were when I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and placed in unlikely situations. So, taking this knowledge, throughout 2016, I want to spend more of my time exploring new ideas, new places and new people.

Rockin’ around the Christmas table

There’s a deep significance in sharing a meal together on Christmas day. Excitement builds the night before as we tuck ourselves into bed, having just watched Love Actually for the third time this month, snuggled in our Christmas pyjamas, ready to wake early and enjoy the day to come. We rise in search of the…

Why are we marching?

We had a great time walking in the People’s Climate March this past weekend; seeing so many people passionate about making a difference was truly awe inspiring and it was great to hear such a variety of reasons for taking part. There were groups concerned about wildlife, about food waste, about poverty; each one as…

Ridding the world of HIV stigma

Today we mark World AIDS Day, an opportunity for people everywhere to unite against HIV and AIDS, and show our support to those living with it. Over 100,000 people in the UK are HIV positive, with 34 million suffering worldwide. It’s one of the most devastating pandemics in history and yet so many people remain ignorant…

Christians in the darkness

When we learn someone has depression the natural reaction is to back away, we don’t like to encourage negativity in our own lives but what if, instead, we welcomed each person into our hearts.