God sent me to Nottingham

Have you ever felt called to something? To someone? Somewhere? Have you ever experienced that pain when it all falls apart?


Weep with Me 

I actually wrote this little blog before the events of last night, but it ties in with how a lot of us are feeling today. This time last year I interviewed this great guy, Mungo, known for his camera work with Bear Grylls. Whilst chatting he said something that really struck me: “I remember in…

Big Church Day Out 2017

When I was a teenager I heard about this thing called Big Church Day Out (BCDO), and, honestly, I though it sounded like this naff event for ‘happy clappy Christians’. I had never been part of the ‘cool’ crowd, but this sounded lame even for me. What could be worse than spending a day surrounded…

I’m still alive (written a week ago)

Apologies for not having written an update in quite a while- finding a moment where I have both time and energy is proving difficult. So what is it that’s keeping us so busy? Half of our time is spent teaching English and 6 Bricks (a Lego development program); at first I was a bit sceptical…

School, weather and hospital trips 

I feel like so much happens on these placements that one or two blog posts just don’t do it justice.  Last week we started our projects, going into schools and teaching English and Six Bricks (a Lego development program), visiting local crèches, and facilitating a youth homework club. At the moment it’s a weird mix…

Settling into Weenen

Tomorrow marks a week since we arrived in Weenen and it’s already flying past, yet at the same time it feels as if we’ve been here for weeks – always a strange juxtaposition. The community has welcomed us with open arms, hearts, and minds. Our host families have been amazing – though if mine keeps…

Welcome Back to South Africa!

It’s the millienial cliche – Africa changed my life, but that really is the truth of it. I went to South Africa in the Spring of 2015 (or their Autumn/Winter) and my life was turned upside down. I was partaking in the ICS (International Citizen Service) programme with Tearfund, a Christian charity, yet I was…

You are what you eat

It’s time to use this opportunity to change our habits, to make more ethical choices so that others don’t suffer because of us.

Celebrate the sacrifice

However you celebrate this Easter, we hope that you take a moment to appreciate the reasons behind it – as amazing as your stack of chocolate may be, it’s just a small part of something truly magnificent.

There’s nothing complicated about a kettle

“My best friend and I came up with an amazing plan when we were seven; we thought that if we projected onto the moon the words ‘save the world’ that everyone would suddenly do better, start recycling etc. Unfortunately we only had my dad’s torch, which wasn’t quite strong enough.” – Tara Button, Buy Me Once

Shameful peace

I don’t believe in violence, or guns, or war, and although I feel like this is something to be proud of, I often feel ashamed to admit it.