My favourite Lush products

As part of of my journey to zero-waste and a more ethical lifestyle, I have been trying to swap all of my beauty products for plastic free options – or at least more ethical brands. Lush has been invaluable in this so I thought I would tell you a bit about the best products I’ve discovered so far

Jason and the Argan Oil – Shampoo Bar

I LOVE this one. You need such a small amount to wash your hair – whilst you’re in the shower (or luxury bath) just gently rub the bar in the palm of your hand and concentrate on the scalp.  As you rinse it out it will wash the rest of your hair and leave it feeling soft and light – you don’t even need to use conditioner afterwards – just rub a tiny amount of coconut oil into the ends once you’ve towel-dried if you need that extra silkiness!

Jungle – Conditioner Bar

If (like me) you have damaged hair and need to use conditioner, this is a great one to add to the mix, just rub it along the ends of your hair and lightly rinse. I find this works best if you leave it in a small amount of water for a couple of days to make a paste like texture.

Veganese – Conditioner

For when you need a little more thorough conditioner this works a wonder – it comes in a plastic bottle but if you take the packaging back into Lush they’ll either reuse it or recycle it for you! I love to use it when my hair needs that extra treat, it leaves it feeling super soft!

Ultrabland – Face Wash

I cannot recommend this product enough, I use it as a make up remover and cleanser – just splash your face with warm water, rub in the cream and use a cotton pad or linen cloth to remove any make up or dirt. At first I was disgusted to see how dirty my skin was at the end of the day – but it made me feel all the better for having something that would really wash it away! My skin is not only clearer since using this, but it feels more moisturised and has a gentle glow to it! I wish they did this item in a bar form, but again you can return the plastic packaging to Lush and they’ll see that it gets recycled.

I’d love to know your favourite Lush products and recommendations! There are so many to try and so little time (and money)!


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