Weep with Me 

I actually wrote this little blog before the events of last night, but it ties in with how a lot of us are feeling today.

This time last year I interviewed this great guy, Mungo, known for his camera work with Bear Grylls. Whilst chatting he said something that really struck me:

“I remember in Rwanda we visited a church where a lot of people had been slaughtered, I stood there quietly and said to God ‘What was all this about?’ I was looking for answers, and don’t feel like he gave me any but that he stood there with me, looked at it, and was equally as sad. That was really moving; it was the answer I really needed. It wasn’t a case of him making sense of it, but just knowing that he understood the pain, that he felt it too.”

When something terrible happens we have a habit of blaming God but how often do we stop and realise that it breaks God’s heart too? He never brings bad things upon us, but he does stand with us when they happen. He feels the pain of Manchester, of Syria, of the world and he sends us to the frontlines to help.

Rend Collective have written a new song which reflects just this, and it’s really beautiful. Check it out here:



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