A face of courage

What is beauty? It’s an eternal question that haunts so many people yet there is no set answer. I’ve been inspired over the last couple of days by the news of Laxmi Saa becoming a top model with the fashion company Viva N Diva. Laxmi Saa was attacked with acid at the young age of 15 after she rejected a 32 year old man’s marriage proposal. A sickening attack left her seriously injured, but instead of holding her back, her scars have become her motivation. She has become a key advocate in speaking out against unregulated use of acid, and the thousands of women that have been forced to feel it’s burn.

Laxmi’s courage became her beauty, and for this reason she was asked by Rupesh Jhawar, the co-founder of Viva N Diva, to be the face of their latest campaign, Face the Courage 

“To my eyes that are used to seeing fashion models with flawless skins dolled up in front of the cameras everyday, this view was both disturbing and inspiring.

“For a moment I had seen beauty in a very different way and we wanted to capture it – remove any speck of being a victim from those eyes and give them a stage, an employment, a platform, a medium to flaunt it with style.”

Every form of society is obsessed with beauty in one form or another, through fashion, weight, and skin colour – so much so that we constantly forget what makes someone truly beautiful – their passion, their beliefs, their actions. Laxmi Saa’s actions and determination are breathtaking, and she teaches us to focus more on who someone is, rather than what they look like. We celebrate her and Viva N Diva for the work they will do together and look forward to learning more about this extraordinary woman.


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  1. nshahzadblog says:

    Very inspiring story 👍🏻


  2. Amel says:

    Love your post! Thanks for sharing ☺



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