Is Star Wars in the Bible?

Let’s face it, Star Wars is pretty awesome isn’t it? I’ve already seen The Force Awakens twice – because once is clearly not enough – and I love it; the action, the friendship, the heartbreak – what’s not to like? The Force?

Over the last few weeks I’ve had numerous people exclaim their surprise that I, as a Christian, watch, and enjoy, this epic saga. How can I justify something that encourages supernatural powers and a belief in something other than God? But honestly, I feel that, as a Christian, I can relate to the story more. Putting your trust in a higher power, the temptation of a darker life of sin, the eternal fight for justice and peace, of people from all backgrounds coming together under one cause, the fall of someone chosen for good, the rise of someone in the light bringing salvation – can you see any similarities? Is it just me?

I do understand the controversy of believing in the ‘Force’, and as much as I pray and believe in God, I’m not sure I’ll ever lift a spaceship using just my mind – as cool as that would be. But if you take the films as an analogy – whether they’re meant that way or not – then there are many parallels to draw upon; the biggest of which is a complete faith in an unseen force.
When times are tough, pain is alive and the ‘dark side’ tempts us, a belief in God can be really difficult, and doubt becomes an easy trap to fall into but when your faith is strong it can be a beautiful and powerful thing. With God behind us we can achieve things we might never have thought possible.

Philippians 4:19 ‘And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.’ We might not always know what we want, but God knows what we need and provides us with the experiences and resources necessary for our journey. It can be difficult to rely on that trust, that He knows what He’s doing. We need to train ourselves to depend on Him, in a similar way that Luke learns to depend on the Force – he listens to it in order to know the right path to take. I know that we’d all be in a better world if more of us took the time to sit and listen to God. Though we don’t have Yoda to teach us, we do have the people in our church. Ultimately faith is a very personal thing, but it can be really helpful to talk to ministers, church elders, and those with more experience, discover how others work through the tough times, and how they embrace the good – chat, debate, agree, disagree, it almost doesn’t matter how the conversation goes if it teaches you something, if it enhances your desire to find out more. Doubt in faith can be a scary thing, but it’s important to know that you don’t have to face it alone and talking it through with someone can be a good pathway to talking it through with God.

As much I personally see correlations between Star Wars and faith, I do understand some people’s hesitation, but it’s good to remember that they are just films – though very good films – and an enjoyment of them does not mean your faith is stronger or weaker in any way.


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