Why are we marching?

We had a great time walking in the People’s Climate March this past weekend; seeing so many people passionate about making a difference was truly awe inspiring and it was great to hear such a variety of reasons for taking part. There were groups concerned about wildlife, about food waste, about poverty; each one as vital as the next. We collected a few quotes from the crowd as to why they decided to march for climate justice.

Magdalena from Brixton

“Global action needs to be taken. The government needs to realise it’s not just up to the ‘lefties’ and the ‘hippies’, the whole world needs to be interested.”

Josh and Clare from Feedback Global

“We’re handing out apples that were just going to be thrown into a landfill today so we thought we’d pass them around instead.”

“We’re working on ‘The Pig Idea’, a campaign to give food waste to pigs instead of cutting down rainforests to feed them soy.”

Thomas from Surrey (aged 12)

“I’ve come to protest about how the government is destroying our planet and that we need to protect it because climate change is making a massive difference.”

Julia-Rose from Suffolk

“I’m concerned that those of us in richer countries are using so much energy and the effect on the poor is devastating.”

Isobel from London

“It’s important that we show solidarity with the people of Paris, and to remind leaders who are meeting at COP21 this week that they really need to take it seriously. This is our last chance[…] a renewable future is possible.”

Lucy from East Sussex

“I recently read about a family in a community in Chad, where they’ve had the biggest drought they’ve ever experienced. They’re living off barely anything, there’s just no crops, and they believed that it was God punishing them, not even knowing that climate change existed. It made me so angry. They had no idea, they had done nothing to deserve it and yet they were the ones suffering. I want the government to wake up to what’s really going on. I want justice for those people. I want the government to take action, to impose something strategic, something tangible we can take on ourselves.”

Beth from Brussels

“To be a part of this big movement, to stand with everyone and speak up for climate justice at the negotiations. We need finances to be agreed to help developing countries cope with the impact of climate change.”

Alison and Matt from New Malden

“It’s so important to stand up for all those people who are already affected by climate change around the world.”

“We’ve got a duty to show compassion for people all around the world and to show that we need to make a change for climate change.

Jack and Sophie Anne from Just Love Oxford

“Climate change is affecting real people around the world right now so we need to stand up for climate justice.”

“Because God created this planet and loves everything in it and we’ve been abusing that for so long, we need to change it.”


“Our climate is suffering, our world is suffering. We see so much change going on and it’s so alarming, it’s very shocking and we need to save the world for our future children.”


“My MP invited me to be here. I didn’t know much about the challenges we’re facing, but I’ve since researched and I really believe we need to stand together.”

David from Wimbledon

“I think it’s important to show world leaders just how serious this issue is for the whole globe, and I want to do my bit.”


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